Ayuryog, also known as Kottakkal Ayurveda Clinic,  provides a whole range of authentic Ayurvedic wellness programs like detoxification, rejuvenation, stress management, anti-ageing, immunity enhancement, women’s health, skin care programs and individual preventive healthcare programs combining traditional healing sciences of Ayurveda, yoga, music and spirituality with modern fitness regimen, healthy vegetarian diets and state-of-the-art accommodation facilities in peaceful and lush green natural environments. We have a group of Ayurvedic hospitals, resorts and retreats operating at different locations in Kerala. These centers offer treatments for various chronic ailments like degenerative and inflammatory problems of the neck, back and joints, skin diseases, recurrent respiratory problems, menstrual and fertility problems.
There are specialty integrated clinics for neurology and developmental pediatrics offering Ayurvedic therapies, integrated with occupational therapy, neuro-developmental therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and learning disability training headed by a team of specialists.

The right mix of skillful doctors, caring nursing staff, and state of the art facilities makes Ayuryog a perfect choice for anyone who desires to have Ayurvedic treatments or rejuvenation in Kerala hospitals and resorts.

We understand the anxiety and concerns of patients seeking healthcare abroad. To ensure that you receive the best Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation packages, we have established professional relationships with key hospitals and proficient doctors. Most of these doctors have long professional track records and are widely acclaimed for their medical acumen.

Our experience and relationship with leading Ayurvedic institutions ensure value-for-money without any compromise in quality, thus taking care of your Ayurvedic treatment at a mot competitive amount. Besides our professional expertise, what really sets us apart is our personalized care and hospitality that We are governed by and adhere to stringent privacy laws mandating that all your treatment records will remain completely private and confidential at all times.

We are committed to provide the best treatment to you with no compromises whatsoever. Our network of hospitals are among the leading healthcare institutions, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art medical technology and board certified Ayurvedic physicians.

Our team of experts has personally conducted comprehensive research, performed site inspections of the hospitals and have interviewed the physicians and therapeutic staff to verify their credentials and performance matching the expectations of the guests and patients. With several years of first-hand experience, we have developed strong relationships with all our hospital partners. This means that we are able to assist you in your enquiries immediately. All medical practitioners in our hospitals - as well as most of the population - speak fluent English, so you don't have to worry about the communication problems you might have experienced in other foreign countries.

It is more convenient and less expensive in Kerala, one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world to go on a relaxing recovery-holiday. We also specialize in offering customized tour packages of Kerala tourism.
The experience we have gained in facilitating healthcare treatments in medical tourism destinations enables us to offer a range of quality healthcare packages where patient care is the driver. Our services have a proven track record of successfully delivering improvements to the healthcare facilitation process. We have established a reputation amongst Ayurvedic doctors and hospitals including exclusive Ayurvedic resorts that is second to none.
While we understand that it is not an easy decision to trust someone for medical treatments, we come forward as a company which assists you in addressing these problems. The company does not work for a particular hospital / clinic; however it acts as a facilitator between patients/visitors and various hospitals, suggesting various options available based on the required treatment and other services.

We offer the following services to patients and their companions to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay in Kerala.

• Suggesting Internationally accredited partner hospitals as per treatment and budget.
• World-class treatment by qualified and experienced Doctors.
• Assistance in hotel check in and admission formalities in hospitals.
• Coordinating all appointments with doctors.
• Stay arrangements both pre and post hospitalization.
• Accommodation for accompanying family members and attendants.
• Personal Assistance for touring, shopping, etc.
• Provide information on cultural programs and local customs.
• Package Tours to places of interest in Kerala.
• Airport transfers and local transport.
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