It was deceptively simple and at first I didn't think it could possibly work, but by the third day I was walking like I did when I was twenty ( I am 52 now). I found profound result from each of the different treatments which is a real testimony to the efficacy of this ancient method. I wish you all the best and thank you from my heart for the healing you have brought to me. By the way, the herbs are fabulous - Ms. Ana Sachs, USA.

The oils used were qualitatively superior to any I have used or experienced. My age is 48. I have chronic low grade to severe back pain daily since 1976 (due to repeated auto accidents and other injures). This pain was completely removed within 3 days of treatment (Abhyangam, Shirodara and Swedana). Therapists administering treatments were excellent – very responsive, extremely supportive in mediating between Doctor and Patient, and very knowledgeable both generally and specifically with regard to the field, the vast field of Ayurveda and its Pancha Karma Applications - Ms. Janani PhD, Yoga Therapist, USA.

The treatments were excellent. Shirodhara was definitely my favorite. I was profoundly relaxed and many people commented on how healthy I looked after Pancha Karma. Thank you all for a wonderful PK experience - Ms. Lillian Stecher, USA.

I experienced improvement in blood circulation, weight loss and improvement in skin condition - Ms. Cary Steiner, USA.

I have been suffering from severe back pain for more than four years, till I visited Kerala Ayurvedic Clinic, Ellora Park about a year ago. After a course of Kativasti treatment for 15 days here, I am very much relaxed and the pain has not returned. I would even say that I am able to stand and walk comfortably because of this treatment - Mrs. Salini Agrawal Vadodora, Gujarat, INDIA.

I felt very relaxed after the treatment. I came here for a treatment of a sore heel after taking a detoxification program for skin cancer. I hope this enhances my immune system. The staff was very friendly here - Ms. Jigisha Purohit, Baroda

I came to Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, Ellora Park, Baroda with back-ache and blood pressure. My blood pressure is perfectly normal. My back pain is almost cured. I have stopped my allopathic medicine which I was using for one and half years for my Blood Pressure, as it has come to normal range - Dr. Jagmohan Singh  Vadodora,Gujarat, INDIA.

?I have just had Panchakarma for the last 30 days, my problem was very achy in joints and muscle all over the body. I feel now a great improvement after the different massages - Ms.Marianne Simonin London, U.K.

I am fully satisfied with the Ayurvedic Treatments provided to me and my wife, Sunita Bhimal during our stay at Baroda for about 2 weeks. These various treatments were done in utmost professional manner and we have got good results out of these therapies. They are wonderful treatments which are useful for prevention of diseases and maintaining good health. I wish 'ALL THE BEST' to this Centre for their success to go higher and higher and to be the best among the top clinics. Our congratulations to each and every staff who are working in this clinic and also special thanks to the management - Mr. G.K.Bhimal (Retired Scientific Officer) Bhabha Automic Reserch Centre Tarapur, Maharashtra. INDIA.

Myself, an athlet, based in Baroda could not participate in the last year's State Athletic selection trials due to Spondylitis and also pain in the angle of my right leg. I took shelter at the Kerala Ayurvedic Clinic and have gone through some Kizhi and massages treatment from Kottakkal and, as such I was fit enough to participate and selected to the State Team. I am extremely thankful to the clinic and its management - Mr. G.S.Chandran Vadodora, Gujrat, INDIA.

I have undergone the Panchkarma treatment which I found very useful. Every one should think and take care of one's own body and go for such treatments for rejuvenation purpose to prevent aging and the attack of diseases. I felt very much relaxed after the Panchakarma therapies. Me. Srikant Nair and his team of staff and were very encouraging. I wish big success and best of luck for such dedicated treatments - Mr. S.G.Saitonde (Air India)  Andheri, Mumbai, INDIA.

I came with a complaint of backache in the midsection of my back. I underwent the massage therapy and was totally free from the pain. I take this opportunity to thank the Doctor and massagers and the management for their efforts and co-operation - Mr. Avinash Vadodara, Gujarat.

I am very much pleased with this Ayurvedic center. All the doctors and technical staff, all of them are very cordial and very friendly with patients. They did a good job to me. I am very much satisfied with the treatments of massage, Nasyam etc. I will be back in month's time for other treatments like Shiro Dhara, Vasti etc. I am also very much satisfied with the effect of the medicines - Ms. Hansaben Patel, Wallington Surry, SM69BX, London.

The treatments, massage and Shiro Dhara were very good. My wife was happy with her treatments of 17 days. I took for 7 days. Good staff. Well looked after. I suggest that people should come here and do these massage and other Kerala treatments for stress relief, rejuvenation and relaxation - Mr. Ramesh Patel, London.

I liked the Ayurvedic treatments here very much. The Shirodhara treatment was very calming and soothing. The massage treatment was very rejuvenating. I like the staff here too. They are very professional and caring. Thank you very much. I enjoyed coming to your center and meeting all of you - Ms. Amrita Gruesser, Silver Spring, MD 20905.

When I came here for treatment, I had a block in my left brain. Not only that, I was dragging my left leg and I was not able to use my left hand. After taking treatments for weeks of Abhyangm, Pizhichil, Dhara, Nasyam and Navarakkizhi, I found my problems disappeared and felt that I became normal with the Kerala special treatments. I liked these treatments. Although, I had visited a lot of hospitals and taken different treatments, I could not get any relief. Kerala treatments found to be a blessing to me - Mr. Kunal Purohit, 8 Lines Ave, Crogdon, Waddon, Surrey, CRO4JX, 0208 680 2968, London.

I really enjoyed the massage! I am staying in Mumbai working with an NGO called Pratham and came here to Baroda for a visit. This massage has relieved some of my tension I have been carrying with me from busy Mumbai city life. Thank you very much! I absolutely loved my massage! I feel wonderful now.- Miss Dannielle Mulack, 41 Hawthorrne St., Apt# 10, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

I am 52 years working lady. I was suffering from acute pain in my right shoulder (frozen shoulder). I had undergone many treatments, but got no any effect. Ultimately, I came across Kerala Ayurvedic Center, Ellora Park. Here the doctors are well experienced. They take personal interest. The staff is so cooperative. The doctors and staff are so confident. After a course of 4 weeks treatment, my pain of frozen shoulder has gone off now. I would like to recommend to other patients to come here for their problems so that they also can be definitely benefited - Ms. Dhan Nadirsha Surti, Timaliwad, Surat.

My father took treatment for acute Arthritis from here. It was found very effective and cured 60 to 70% of the problem after 6 weeks of various Kerala special treatments. Even after 9 to 10 months after the treatment - Mr. Mital Bhadaniya, Baroda.

I am staying in Baroda for the past 7 years and suffered with diabetes and migraine (headache). I took treatment at the Kerala Ayurvedic centre and it helped me especially the body massage and steam. I feel so energized and refreshed - Mrs. Anila Kuriakose, Baroda.

I am a teacher in Gujarat Public School. I heard about the treatment from a friend of mine who was cured of back pain. She insisted that I should take treatment from this clinic, she assured me that I shall be cured of my knee problem. At first, I was a bit hesitant, as my husband is an Allopathic doctor, so I had to convince him that I should try. After 7 days treatment I am 80% cured both physically and mentally. I shall recommend this treatment to my friends and relatives and insist my husband to come for treatment of sinus from which he is suffering since long - Ms. Jasmine Pradhan, Baroda.

?I was suffering from skin allergy. After 15 days of treatment, I found that there was overall improvement - Ms. Pinky Parikh Elyria OH 44035, USA.

I came here with a lot of stress and cold probably, sinus, which I was suffering since four years. I came here and after a course of three days, I stopped having headache. This is also a kind of relaxing. Thanks to all, the staff is very courteous and polite. The doctors are also very noble, thorough and professional - Ms. Hannah Johansen Big Dky. MT 59716, USA.

I came here for the treatment of Psoriasis which I had been suffering for more than 5 years. I have tried before various treatments including allopathy, homeopathy etc. With these treatments, I used to get only partial and temporary relief and the problem used to surface after some time. With Kerala ayurvdeic treatments like, whole body massage with Kottakkal medicated oils, Shirodhara, Pizhichil etc I have got complete relief from my psoriasis problem. I am making this statement after a year after my treatment - Ms S.Iyer, Vaddodara.

I felt very relaxed after the treatment. I came here for a treatment of a sore heel after taking a detoxification program for skin cancer. I hope this enhances my immune system. The staff was very friendly here - Ms. Jigisha Purohit, Baroda

?I've been through the www.ayuryog.com and found that the site is very well organized and full of very useful and important information in connection with Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatment. I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of the clinic to the readers of the site. It is with pleasure that I recommend the readers of this to take full advantage of the services provided by the clinic both via the website and at the clinic itself! With concern for your health and well being - Basu Ghosh Das President, ISKCON Hare Krishna Mandir Baroda

Ayurveda Healthcare' as, " The Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, run by V. Srikant Nair, has been involved in the whole gamut of treatment in Ayurveda. The Center has a panel of doctors and its technicians have been trained in Kerala special therapies" - Bikram Ghosh, Indian Express, Vadodara.Type your paragraph here.