Kerala Ayurveda 


1) Although I do not suffer from any serious ailment, I do feel stress & fatigue due to the work pressure? Does the institution accommodate people like me?
 Yes, because, Ayurvedic treatment measures includes relaxation techniques also.

2) I have been recommended for a surgery due to slip disk. Is there any treatment that I may undergo in your hospital so as to avoid surgery? 
 We do provide treatment for slip disc related problems. In your case more details are required to assess whether surgery can be avoided.

 3) I have been suffering from spondylitis for the last two years and is under severe pain at times? Do you have a treatment especially for this?
 Yes, we do have treatment for Spondylitis. Depending on the severity of the condition the treatment can be done in two ways. 1) Home based wherein a few medicines can be tried at home on a regular basis and results observed. 2) In-house treatment wherein special treatment like Pizhichil, Dhara, Kizhi etc. are conducted.

 4) Is there a permanent cure for fistula?
 We do have effective treatment for fistula. However a permanent cure cannot be assured.

 5) Is there any treatment for Arthritis (Osteo/Rheumatoid)?
 Arthritis is normally, well managed by Ayurvedic treatment modalities along with appropriate restrictions in diet and  activities.

 6) Is there any treatment for Asthma?
 The frequency and severity of attacks can be considerably reduced with regular medication and appropriate restrictions in  diet.

 7) Any treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome?
 In a fair number of cases treated here, we have observed a favorable response to treatment. Since this is an individualized  therapy, it would be difficult to predetermine the outcome and duration of treatment.

 8) Is there any permanent cure for Diabetes?
 Diabetes is a condition, which can be adequately controlled with Ayurvedic treatment and appropriate restrictions in diet.  The probable complications of long standing Diabetes can also be minimized effectively. A permanent cure cannot be  assured.

 9) Is there any treatment for Parkinson’s disease?
 We provide home based as well as in-house treatments for Parkinson’s disease. The exact modalities of treatment can be  decided only after a personal examination.

 10) Is there any treatment for Muscular Dystrophy?
 Since Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disorder, a curative line of treatment cannot be assured. The available treatment may  help in the form of a supportive therapy by reducing the rapidity of progression of the condition to a relatively fair degree.

 11) Is there any treatment for the ailment related to Nerves?
 Yes, there is. You are requested to provide us the full details along with copies of relevant medical reports to enable us to  help you.

 1) Is there any treatment/therapy for Cerebral Palsy?
 It is possible to provide a moderate degree of improvement with Ayurvedic treatment.

13)  Is there any treatment for Allergies related to skin?
 Ayurvedic treatments are seen effective in the management of skin allergies to a certain extent.

 14) Is there any treatment for Polymyositis?
 Being an autoimmune disorder, a sure cure treatment for Polymyositis is not available with us. As a supportive therapy, a  few treatments can be tried and results observed.

 15) Is there any treatment to reduce the weight?
 A combination of appropriate medicines, special massage like Udwarthanam and adequate restrictions in diet is seen  effective in reducing weight. However drastic reduction cannot be expected. The exact modalities of treatment will be  decided only after a personal examination.

 16) Are there any medicines to control the Blood Pressure?
 Yes, there are. The etiological factors have to be considered, while designing suitable regimen for high blood pressure.

 17) Is there any treatment for Peptic Ulcer?
 An appropriate diet regimen combined with suitable medicines can effectively control peptic ulcer.

 18) Is there any treatment for IBS ?
 In our experience, cases of IBS can be managed effectively with the use of suitable medication and modification in life  style.

 19) Is there any treatment in Ayurveda for Psychological problems?
 Yes. Ayurveda offers treatment for psychological problems including depression.

 20) Does your institution provide any treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?
 Yes, in our experience Ayurvedic treatment has been found to be beneficial in the management of Multiple Sclerosis. The  treatment is mainly aimed at reducing the rapidity of progression of the condition to a relatively fair extent.

 21) Is there any treatment for HIV +ve patients?
 The treatment for HIV +eve cases is supportive and palliative in nature and not curative. The available treatment may helpi  in improving general health and immunity to a certain extent.

 22) I have a problem with hair loss? Are there any Ayurvedic oils to control it?
 Yes, there are oils suitable for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

23) I am a cardiac patient and on Allopathic medicines for many years? Can you prescribe any Ayurvedic medicines?
 Yes, there are medicines in Ayurveda for regulating Cardiac function. They can be taken along with allopathic medicines  without any undesirable effects. If you require a prescription, kindly send us full particulars of your ailments in terms of the  on-line questionnaire.

 24) I have high cholesterol and I am unable to control it? Are there any Ayurvedic medicines to control it?
 Yes, there are Ayurvedic medicine which can control high cholesterol level provided appropriate diet restrictions and  exercise are incorporated in the treatment regimen.

 25) I am suffering from Hepatitis B for the last 5 years. Are there any effective Ayurvedic remedies for it?
 As of now, there is no known curative line of treatment for Hepatitis B. The available treatment may help in the form of a  supportive therapy in improving the functional capacity of the liver to a certain extent.
 26) What is the duration of the treatment? Is it fixed or does it vary from one person to another?
 Generally the duration of treatment is four weeks. However, in chronic conditions and in progressive degenerative condition  the duration may be extended as per the recommendation of the physician attending the case.Type your paragraph here.

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