Kerala Ayurveda 



Treatments are provided at our Clinic. These are detox or body purification procedures for ailment cure and preventive health care.

Ayurvedic Hospital Services in Kerala

1) Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments
2) Panchakarma Therapy
3) Daily consultation with Doctors
4) Ayurvedic training programmes and awareness classes
5) Acupuncture & Acupressure
6) In-house dietary services as advised by        Doctors
7) Yoga & meditation 

‚ÄčPanchakarma treatments including the following:

1. Vaman

2. Virechan

3. Matra Vasti

4. Kashaya Vasti

5. Nasyam

We provide all types of Kerala

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments,

Herbal Medicines,  and Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctors for Men, Women & Kids' Health.

A wide range of Ayurvedic Medicines, Massage Oils, Hair Oils, Eye Care and health care products can be purchased from our Medical Store. 

Abhyangam (body massage) and Steam bath for relaxation, blood circulation, muscle tone up and over all relaxation; Shirodhara for stress relief and head/brain related issues; Podkkizhi/Ilakkizhi for general inflamatory conditions; Kati-vasti for Back pain; Janu vasti for Knee pain; Greeva vasti for Neck pain; Udwartanam for weight loss; Pada abhyangam (leg massage) for Diabetic conditions etc. 


Our Specialty Treatments or Services