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“Kottakkal Ayurvdic massage therapy is extremely effective in Cervical Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain, rheumatic diseases. I tried here for my cervical pain and got great relief.  Ayurvedic Medicine and Massage treatmentsof Kottakkal Clinic is so effective that it gave immediate result after my first treatment.  A must go for patiens of Spinal Cord related problems.!”


Pratik Mistry,



Kerala Ayurveda treatments are effective and result oriented. The prime treatments include Abhyangam (whole body massage), Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, Patrapodla Swedan, Udwartana etc. 


OTC Products

Provide required facilities for Ayurvedic Consultation, Treatments and authentic medicines at our own clinic in Vadodara as also in Kerala in partnership with reputed Ayurvedic Hospitals, Clinics and Reorts.

Kerala Ayurveda

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Traditional Medicines

Panchakarma is a five fold treatment procedure for eliminating the toxin buildup in the body. It is done both for curative (samana) as also for rejuvenation (rasayana) purpose.Apart from detoxification, Panchakarma  helps to immunise the body.


"I take periodical Ayurvedic health care treatments like Kerala Ayurvreda Panchakarma  including Ayurvedic Medicine from the Kottakkal Ayurveda Clinic, Ellora Park Center, Vadodara. The treatments are excellent and the benefits are long lasting .My special thanks and gratitude to all for their dedicated service. All are supportive and service oriented.The Pharmacy  has vast varieties of medicines from reputed manufactures of Kerala" 


Ram Krishna Rajeev,


Personal Care